Now you could say that fear is the substance of what your senses tell you. Your senses consist of five parts which are: taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Fear comes in many forms and shapes, but all fear comes from a basic fear which is the fear of death. Example: A person fears being put in jail, but when he or she is faced with the death penalty, then fear begin to take over and take control of that person. Now this is what mankind was faced with when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. What happened? God told Adam and Eve they could eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden except from the tree in the middle of the garden which is the tree of life or the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He goes on to say, the day you eat the fruit of that tree you will surely die. Genesis 3

Now I have a question! Why didn't Adam and Eve heed this warning? The answer is not all that hard to find out. Now listen, at that in time the word fear was not even in their vocabulary. They had never even heard about death, at this point in time, mankind was free from sin and death. There was no mention of death in Gods' original plan for mankind. Adam and Eve was looking at the fruit and never saw that 'sin tag' that was hanging on it. You see Adam and Eve broke the only rule that had been placed over them by God. When they broke this rule, death began to rule over all men and continued until Jesus came on the scene and broke the chain of sin, the chain of death and the fear of death chain off to mankind forever. Praise God forevermore.

Now watch this: All laws of the old covenant were pertaining to sin and death, so all of mankind was exposed to sin and death and the new peace, the fear of death. How was this fear of death administered to mankind? Through his senses, which are taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell. Satan has used the senses to control mankind from the very beginning. Example: Look at Eve, Satan came to Eve as an angel of light in the form of a beautiful serpent and began to ask Eve what they could or could not do. Eve told Satan we can eat of all the trees in the garden except the tree in the middle of the garden. She goes on to say, God told us if we eat the fruit of that tree, we would surely die. Now here is where Satan began his story of how God misrepresented himself to them by saying they would surely die, because God knows you will not surely die, but you will become as wise as God himself.

Then Satan began the use of the senses. He said to Eve, just look at this fruit how beautiful it is, then he gave her the fruit to hold and he said smell of it, the fragrance is great. Satan had already told her that the fruit would make one as wise as God himself, then he said just taste it and you will see what I mean. By giving in to her senses she took the fruit and did eat and also gave it to Adam and he did eat. Now you can see that Satan used all five of the senses on Eve, and he will do the same for you, if you let him.

From the time Adam and Eve sinned, until Jesus came, man was in bondage to the fear of death. What does this mean? It simply means they had heard the redeemer was coming to redeem them from the curse of fear and death, alone with sin. Their fear was that they might die before He came to redeem them. Since Jesus came, Satan has no power over the born again believer. However, if the believer does not know he has authority over Satan, and exercise that authority, then Satan has power over the believer, even though Jesus has set us free from all the powers of the devil. How could this be? By word of mouth, you see Satan will put words in your mouth if you let him. Now lets get this one thing straight right now, as you can see in the line above, I am now a person. The Bible says in Matthew chapter 12 verses 34-37 out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, and he goes on to say, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account of. And then he said, for by thy words thou shall be justified and by thy words thou shall be condemned. In other words, what you say is what you get, good or bad. Now listen! Satan cannot force anything on you, or force you to do anything. But, he can make suggestions, and if you will listen to him he can and will control your life. All you have to do is accept what he suggest of offers. His suggestions are meant to plant the seed of fear in your mind.

Satan plants this seed of fear by telling you what might, or could happen, because it happened to sister so and so. He may say, you know that back problem, it is not going away, it's getting worse all the time. Then he will say, you know that problem runs in the family, your mother had it and Uncle Joe had it all his life, it's normal for you to have it too. And if that don't get the seed to growing, he will send 10 or 15 of your friends by to remind you haw bad that problem really is. Now if the see is not growing, he will send your family members to cheer you on, always remember Uncle Joe's problem. I am sure by this time that seed of fear is beginning to grow and there is nothing that grows as fast as fear, and it seems like everybody you see wants to fertilize it.

Most people you meet who will say anything about faith will just say if you had enough faith you might overcome this problem. They will all have a pity party with you and try to get you ready to live the rest of your life with that problem. That sounds good, but it's bad, not just bad, but bad, bad. Remember this, without faith it is impossible to please or be in any was acceptable to God. Doctors are supposed to be ordained to save the sic,, that is the reason God put them here. Yet most doctors, in the name of practice, are also messengers of Satan. Of course you want to know how. Read Hebrews 11

You take a person that has nothing wrong with him and let him go in for a check up. The doctors feel they must find something wrong with him. They run all kinds of tests and x-rays, finding a little spot on the man's lung. Instead of running more tests and x-rays, they tell the man this little spot on his lung could be cancer. When they tell him that, it plants a seed of fear, and by the time he goes back for more x-rays, the neighbors and friends, as well as the family have heard and by the time they get through telling the story; the man has cancer and is not expected to live more than a few months.

Now even though the man goes back for x-rays and they show there is nothing there, the seed of fear has been planted, fertilized and watered from mouth to mouth. Until the good report comes, the seed of fear is still there in your mind, and then Satan will come back and tell you, if it's not cancer, then it is something just as bad or worse. You see, he (Satan) will not let that seed of fear die or rot, he wants to keep it alive and growing. The seed of fear that has been planted in your mind could have a devastating effect on your life forever. Remember Job in the Bible, (Job 1) what he feared the most is what came to pass. He was afraid every time his children had a get together or party. He was afraid something would happen to them, and guess what, they all died at one of their parties. So what you fear the most is what could happen.

Now as an example of how the seed of fear grows and works, we had a preacher come to our church and prophesied to some of the people. He told one woman the devil wanted to kill her in a car wreck. What he did was plant the seed of fear in this woman's mind, so everytime she left home she would almost be in a car wreck. I saw her about four days later and she asked me, what can I do? I told her to rebuke that lying demon and tell him to go to hell. This prophet had a familiar spirit. He was more familiar with Satan than he was with what God was doing. I prayed for this lady and bound Satan from her and cursed that foul spirit that was trying to kill her in a car wreck and told him to leave and go to a desolate place in Jesus name. That spirit left her and she is still alive and well. Note: I told this lady never to except anything from anybody if it had any sign of fear or caused you to doubt Gods Word in any way.

Fear the enemy of God!

Watch this, your mountain, no matter how big, or what kind it may be, could never and I do mean never be as big as devastating ad the fear it brings in your life. Why? Lets say heart trouble is your mountain. Listen fear puts extra pressure on the heart, it also effects the nervous system, it also effects the digestive tract and also the lungs and bronchioles, so you can see that fear is your worst enemy. Now listen, the longer you keep fear the bigger it gets and the more damage it does to your entire body. I have a question, why is fear so important to Satan? It is his biggest and best working tool, when the seed of fear has been planted and begins to grow. Now listen, you are still in control, but as soon as you voice (speak) that fear to some else, that fear will begin to multiply and take control of you. Matt 12. How? From mouth to mouth, from one neighbor or one family member to another, and so on and on. As long as you are the only person who knows about the fear, you can control it by just keeping your mouth shut. But I don't understand how fear is substance. Fear becomes substance when you speak it out of your mouth. What we must (MUST) do is stop FEAR on the spot or at its very beginning because once it gets to growing it is very hard to stop.

Fear is substance

What you believe strong enough to confess with your mouth will become tangible substance or substance you can see with your natural eyes. I want to say again, the thing you fear the most is surely coming to pass. Example, if I believe I am taking the flu and confess to someone that I believe that I am taking the flu, then without many doubt I am taking the flu and need to go get some flu medicine. That is bad, but that is the way it works for good or bad depending on what I believe and say with my mouth. You see fear and faith are completely opposite yet they have a lot in common. Like, what you believe and say will come to pass; faith or fear, what comes to pass is the substance of what you said. This is why it is so important that we don't believe a bad report, no matter who said it. Note, believing and saying works just as well in fear as it does in faith. Romans 10:8

Lets go over this one more time.

How do we get faith? Faith comes by hearing and believing and confessing Gods (GODS WORD) or what JESUS said. On the other hand, fear comes by hearing Satan's lies, and believing and confessing. I have another question. Why is it so much easier to believe a bad report than the word of God? Answer: the bad report or Satan's lies play on our senses. Now what do you mean by that? In the natural it is much easier to believe what we see or what we hear or what we touch or smell. I smell coffee making, that coffee smells so good I can almost taste it. In other words, it is our senses that get our attention. So like Eve, moved by our senses, we buy the lie or a bad report from Satan.

Faith comes by hearing and believing and is exercised by speaking what you have heard and believed (Romans 10). This is hard for most people because they don't understand the spirit world. They try to figure it out in the natural. Listen, the spirit world is more real than the natural world. You see in the natural world with your eyes, you see in the spirit world through the eyes of faith or the word of God. Example, if you can look in Gods Word, the red writing in your Bible, and see yourself healed then my friend you are healed and the manifestation is on the way. Just praise God till it gets here, because it is yours. AMEN. Those who are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God and they can see in the spirit world (Romans 8:14). Most people say if I can see it then I will believe it. That is not the way faith works. Faith is believing so strong that I can now see that it is mine. So I claim it as mine with my mouth. Watch this I look down the road and I believe or think I see a bear. On the other hand, I looked in Gods Word and saw my body whole from head to toe. I wasn't quiet sure about the bear, but I am positive about my health because I saw it whole in Gods Word. The point is, faith is always positive never negative or any room for doubt. Faith and fear cannot say in the same place, its faith or its fear. If you have fear you cannot operate in faith. On the other hand, if you are walking in faith there is not fear. You see, fear breaks down your wall of resistance against the problem, whatever it may be. I can tell you now if you don't resist the devil he is going to have a field day at your house. Fear also breaks your thought chain from the positive and confidence in Gods Word to a negative acceptance of Satan's lies that can lead to destruction. The devil wants you to know that someone in your family had this problem, and he is planning on you being the next in line. He will send at least ten people your way to remind you that so and so had that problem and died with it. If you live by your senses, it is real easy to believe that evil report. You see the devil is not happy until he gets a bunch of people involved in your fear. Satan and his fear relies completely on your senses to get control over you and your family. On the other hand, faith does not rely on your senses, but rather on the integrity of God's Word (Heb 11:1). What God says is always positive never negative. His words are yes and amen. God's Words are spirit and they are life. God's words are Gods faith full of spirit and life! (John 6:63)

Fear comes by hearing Satan's lies or the bad report from your doctor which could or could not be true, even if it is a fact. Makes no difference because God's Word says you are healed! (2 Peter 2:24). Satan brought sin and death to mankind and it causes fear.

The fear of death is what Satan wants you to accept from him. He can't make you take it but he wants you to. Remember this, God won't force anything on you, and Satan can't force anything on you. We have a choice!

Now I have some good news. (2 Tim 1-7)

God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, a spirit of love and a sound mind. Now get this straight, if you have fear, you didn't get it from God. How do you know that? Well, let's look at it for a minute; God is love from head to toe. God is perfect, so God is perfect love and perfect love cast out fear, therefore fear didn't come from God because he doesn't have any fear. Now I have another question. Whose report will you believe?

This is the most important question you will ever face or have to answer. How you answer this question will have an effect on your life from here on. Watch this, the devil says brother so and so has got it and you are going to get it. Jesus said I came to earth and gave my blood to redeem you from that curse. Now let me ask you again. Whose report will you believe? You must (MUST) answer the question, and your answer must be positive and beyond any doubt. But only you can answer that question, remember the doctor's report and the devil's lies are both full of doubt and fear. Once again there is no (NO) fear in God.

The most miserable time of my entire life was when I was in bondage to fear. I was afraid of my shadow. Living in fear is, to put it simple, living in hell and the good news is the devil and all of his demons were laughing their sides sore because I was afraid of a defeated (DEFEATED) foe (Col 2:14-15; Luke 10:19) . Jesus defeated Satan and all his demons and made a laughing stock out of them in their own home or domain. The only time they get to laugh now is when they can give you or me that spirit of fear, and then they laugh all day long.

Now, if you have fear don't feel like the lone ranger, because most people in and out of church are in bondage to fear and that is sad because it doesn't belong to you. We are redeemed from that curse. Praise God forevermore. The only people who are not in bondage to fear are the people who have submitted their lives to God and are filled with the Holy Spirit from head to toe, walking in Gods spirit as a lifestyle. Jesus said, those who are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God, (Romans 8:14-17) and these sons of God will demonstrate the power of God. These sons of God have ears to hear and they are expecting God to speak to them any minute. You see, these people don't have time for Satan or his fears. Now back to fear, I said fear comes by hearing which is true, however, fear also comes by seeing and sometimes by touching, if you don't believe that, just try touching, a two hundred forty volt wire and see if you don't get a little fear. We see the lightning and we may shake a little but the overpowering thunder really causes us to shake. Again, we see the man with a gun and we worry a little, but the sound of that gun when it fires is what brings the real fear.


You are standing looking at the storm clouds while under a tornado watch, and the clouds look little they could form a funnel cloud, and you may feel a little uneasy, but when the TV report comes on saying a tornado is in your area then fear will try to grab you. Now listen real close, I told you that God would not force anything on you and the devil can't force anything on you, you had better stop right here and fasten our seat belt. Are you ready to proceed? God is not in that storm, but if he was he would not force it on you. Is that clear? Now if God is not the author of the storm, then who is? We come up with one person and his name is Satan, the devil. Now if Satan can't force this storm on you, why did you get hit by that storm? The answer is so simple; there was no resistance from you. Please (PLEASE) read what I am about to say, and write it and remember it and do (DO) it. Now get this! God has given us the means, you and me, authority over all the powers of the enemy. Watch this, God can't stop the storm. Why? Because he has put the authority in our hands. If we don't stand and look the devil right in the face and tell that tornado it can't come this way, in Jesus name tornado I command you to break up and flee right now. I refuse to let you come near my home or where ever I am, I repeat you can't come here. In Jesus name you have to go. (Matt 14, 2?, ) (Mark 16) (Luke 10).

Now brother, do you mean you can stop a tornado? No I did not say I could. Now listen, I administer the name of Jesus to the cloud and it disintegrates. AMEN.

Did you hear anything I said? I said God can't stop your fear or your storm clouds. Listen! Listen! God delegated his power to Jesus and Jesus delegated it to us the sons and daughters of the most high God. Jesus said I give you power and authority over all the powers of the enemies. God can't take that authority back and still be God. God is bound by his own words, so please don't ask him to break his work and stop your fear or storm. It's like this, if I let Satan come in and destroy my home, God can't do one thing to stop him. If I don't resist the devil he is going to wipe me out, and all God can do is watch. Now you should be able to see why I tell him (devil) where to go and stay. (Luke 10) (2Peter 5:8)

You can't accept fear, because the thing you fear the most is what is going to happen. So what do I do? You submit yourself totally to God then resist the devil and he will flee. (James 4). You just tell him out loud I will not accept any part of your fear, so get out of here right now in Jesus name.

You see, when you are controlled by fear it's not your decision, someone else is in control of your life and they tell you what to say and do. Satan will never let you be free from fear until you realize you have authority over him and demand him to let you go in Jesus name. Just tell him out loud, "Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus name, now get!"


No resistance is saying welcome to Satan. You have to make up your mind that you are not going to put up with that lying devil anymore and tell him where to go. But I don't know how to do that. All right, now you are in good shape to learn.

The first thing you must do is make a quality decision to put God and His Word first place in every area of your life. Seek God first and daily study the New Testament every spare minute. Ask God to fill you with his spirit to an overflowing state. When you study the word of God, you will find that God has not given you a spirit of fear but a spirit of power and of love and a sound mind. He gave you this spirit of power to use against the devil, the author of fear. Now if you resist the devil he has to flee, because you have submitted yourself to God. This word submit means to be in subjection to the will of God. So you can see if I am in the will of God, and I resist the devil he has to flee. We have to make up our minds to do something about the problem, whatever the problem is we have to do something about it. Like I said before, if we don't do something then God can't do anything. He said I give you the power and I am standing behind you, you do the work, whatever needs to be done to get rid of that fear. Example, in the city of Samaria the people were at the point of starvation, and outside the city were four lepers who had been put out because they were lepers, their enemy had them all surrounded. One day the lepers said one to another, why sit we here till we die? If we stay here we will die. If we go to the enemies camp they can only kill us, so they decided to go to the enemies camp, and when they did God caused fear to come on the enemy and they ran off and left all their food, and the whole city along with the lepers were saved from starvation. They had to make up their minds for a change, and they did.

When you make the quality decision to completely submit yourself to God, you are making a decision to change. Now when you begin to hear and believe Gods word, faith will come and fear will leave. Praise the Lord! Faith and fear cannot stay in the same place. There is no fear in Love. God is Love so there is no fear in God. I am a child of God so there is no fear in me. A lot of people have a problem with sonship. What do you mean by that? Most people would love to be a son of Bill Gates or Mr. Rockefeller or some other rich man, but not many people want to accept the responsibility of being a son or daughter of the living God, because they will have to change their lifestyle and quit walking by their senses. Sons and daughters of the living God walk by faith and not by sight, or you could say they walk by Gods Word and not by their senses.

Remember their no fear in love, perfect love cast out fear, God is Love therefore there is no fear in God!!

By Billy Corker